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How to promote a t-shirt brand with digital marketing?
A t-shirt with a custom print is the most popular product on the print-on-demand market. Millions of people spend their money on being original through their clothes - in particular, by finding an unusual design for their t-shirts. They also like surprising their friends with t-shirt gifts which reflect their personality the best or are a good piece of humor. So, t-shirts are a rewarding and creative business, but their promotion might be a challenge because of the intense rivalry in the market niche. There are many examples of affordable promotion of a t-shirt brand from scratch. Cost-efficiency, the inclusion of social networks, A/B testing, and cross-selling are just several promotional methods you can use for your business development. The following material will let you know how to promote a t-shirt print-on-demand business in this competitive landscape [...]
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PWA‌ ‌vs‌ ‌Native‌ ‌App:‌ ‌How ‌to‌ ‌Choose‌ ‌the‌ ‌Right‌ ‌Mobile‌ ‌Applications
Native applications were once the only existing format of mobile software solutions. They were created for specific platforms, taking into account specific design requirements, Google Play/App Store policies, and the nuances of the device hardware. Today, there is a worthy alternative to this basic type of apps – Progressive Web Apps. First introduced by Google in 2015, these are characterized by high performance, they practically don’t consume storage device memory, are compatible with any OS, and are better promoted through the Google search engine.
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Print on Demand: the Best Way to Carve a Niche in the Online Retail Market
If you are a creative person, you not only want to show your talents to the public but also to get real profits. Famous artists manage to sell their works quickly and expensively. Others are left with the recognition of a narrow circle of friends or use print-on-demand services. What are those like? Let’s find out how an e-commerce site can help monetize your creative and entrepreneurial abilities.
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Why Choose Angular for Your Next Development Project
Angular is among the most popular JS frameworks for developing websites, web apps & mobile apps (for iPhone and Android) in the world. Currently, Angular has but one rival in terms of popularity – a prominent solution from the Facebook developers, React, which is, however, a library rather than a fully-featured framework. Below, we get into more detail about all the nuances of developing an application in Angular and share our own experience with this tool.
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How to Do Project Estimation: The Complete Cost Estimation Guide
Service companies must face dozens of new ideas and projects every day. It is their bread and water and each, at first glance, should help one’s business grow and prosper on the market. In reality, however, with lots of success potential, come lots of risks and pitfalls that require careful evaluation and thorough consideration. It is important to have a hand of efficient project estimation techniques so that the company doesn’t waste resources on the implementation of dubious initiatives.
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What Is the Difference Between a Mobile App and a Web App?
The year 2020 draws closer and closer whereas the “mobile or web app” dilemma remains as relevant as it is. Both options are highly popular among users – each has its benefits and drawbacks.
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How to Create a Business Directory Website With Angular – Step-by-Step Guide
Currently, quite a moderate volume of efforts required for a small business market introduction allows numerous new brands, companies, and organizations to appear regularly in the global business arena. Along with that, however, it becomes difficult for a mass consumer to select a single standing-out service provider among a huge number of available options. This is where some intense promotion is required to make one’s business strike the eye of a potential client.
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