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How to promote a t-shirt brand with digital marketing?
A t-shirt with a custom print is the most popular product on the print-on-demand market. Millions of people spend their money on being original through their clothes - in particular, by finding an unusual design for their t-shirts. They also like surprising their friends with t-shirt gifts which reflect their personality the best or are a good piece of humor. So, t-shirts are a rewarding and creative business, but their promotion might be a challenge because of the intense rivalry in the market niche. There are many examples of affordable promotion of a t-shirt brand from scratch. Cost-efficiency, the inclusion of social networks, A/B testing, and cross-selling are just several promotional methods you can use for your business development. The following material will let you know how to promote a t-shirt print-on-demand business in this competitive landscape [...]
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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Shopify App?
When working with an online store, the basic template will not give you a fully functional and automated store that you need. The Shopify app store is full of hundreds of great apps that can help salespeople optimize daily tasks, add new store functionality, and make business management easier.
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How to Create an Instagram-Like App
Photo and video-sharing applications like Instagram is the highest level of social mobile networks. When it’s only started working, it cost $500.000, but then it got 10 investors and became a 57 million dollars piece of cake. Now it was estimated to 100 billion american dollars and has 1 billion people of active users. This fact causes the establishment of many famous apps like this: Snapchat, Swipe, Flickr, etc. It’s a really lucrative idea if it has its uniqueness.
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How to Dropship on Shopify
Creating an online store is not such a difficult task as it may seem at first glance. One of the most successful options for implementing this idea will be a business with Shopify. It is this platform that gives everyone the opportunity to create full-fledged online stores on their own. The price for using the platform starts from just $ 29 per month. For those who have doubts about making the final decision, Shopify provides an opportunity for trial work within two weeks. This allows you to test all the features of the platform.
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How to Design Shopify Store
Looking through various forums and blogger’s articles about creating online stores, it may seem that making a design is easy and simple. Perhaps it is true, because there are a huge number of free themes, templates, tutorials and online-builders. But not every design is selling. When making a Shopify store design, an entrepreneur often does not think about colors that attract a certain kind of audience, the logic of navigation, which provokes a customer to buy more or just optimization of the store speed.
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Contractual Relationship in IT: What to Choose
The issue of payment, of course, is one of the key points in the entire product development process. There are several basic payment models, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.
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