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Growing your product range with sublimation printing
The print on demand market is evolving, so companies must continually work to attract new global suppliers to meet changing needs. Shoppers expect a steady stream of new products (like natural and organic clothing) and emotions (sustainable brands). The same generation Z, who, thanks to TikTok, became a kind of fashion ambassador, prefers unique and authentic things. For example, patterns and ornaments made across the entire surface of things are considered the best summer print. Therefore, it’s worth expanding the boundaries of cooperation and choosing several suppliers offering popular printing services to be in trend [...]
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Hostie - platform for Listing & Booking Accommodations The ultimate solution, that simplifies every aspect of your property management business! Hostie started as a vacation rental property manager and knows what it takes to deliver the perfect property. This is why all of Hostie properties go through verification before publishing them online.
Tuugo is a worldwide B2B and B2C directory portal that helps businesses and customers to find each other and stay connected. The mission of a project is to create and maintain sustainable bounds between companies and customers. With the possibility to evaluate every company connecting customers and businesses becomes even simpler. Every company can put an evaluation widget on one’s website. To provide the better ranking position for each company on Tuugo website, directory offers an obtainable business plan for everyone. Purchasing it means staying on top of the search for a long time. This project is integrated with the PayPal payment gateway. It makes transaction process worldwide easy and fast.
All Over Print application (AOP+ app) is intended for online shop owners who would like to work with company that provides Easy Print on Demand Fulfilment and Worldwide Dropshipping services. AOP+ All Over Print is an application where store owners will be able to upload their original artwork, which will then be placed onto a variety of printable objects to offer on the store, including shirts, hoodies, mugs, flip flops, tank tops, phone cases, cushion covers, flags, leggings, etc. The application is integrated with ecommerce platform Shopify.Currently we are completing integration with Etsy and starting integration with Woocommerce and Amazon
PWA Push Notification Guidelines
Push-notifications have recently become one of the essential attributes of mobile applications. Thus, according to a study by Accengage, 7.8% of mobile users respond to these kinds of messages, which means an impressive potential increase to the existing conversion rates of your software. Generally speaking, push technology is beneficial in that it gives the user targeted information that may be useful to them individually.
UI Design for a Progressive Web App That Sticks – Tips & Tricks
For many people, a smartphone has long become the main source of information, entertainment, and various services. Web resource owners should definitely keep up with such tendencies, providing Android & iOS users with a smooth performance that doesn’t consume too many resources. That is exactly the reason why the largest market players started actively introducing PWAs – progressive web apps. However, it’s not all about performance. A picture tells a thousand words, as they say, so the user interface of any PWA solution is the first and foremost thing to impact users that launch the app for the time ever.
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