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How to Make Your Educational Application Successful?
Every year the education system is accompanied by new requirements for teaching methods, taking a course on increasing material memorability and its practical application to modern realities. The use of ambitious educational application software has caused a technological revolution in schools and universities, which has also impacted the quality of students' knowledge. But to become a unicorn in such a competitive and flexible IT environment, developers will have to create a tool with great functionality in a short time. This article will talk about how to do it [...]
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Desktop Vs Mobile. The Nuances in Optimization
If you have a website, check how many visitors open it on tablets and smartphones – perhaps the result will surprise you. The higher the percentage of such visitors, the more closely you need to consider the design of both desktop and mobile versions of the site.
Support Is Insurance For Your Business
Each business, regardless of whether little or huge, needs viable IT support and systems so as to improve productivity in their huge corporate association. Solid and dependable IT support administrations can empower organizations to remain focused.
Mobile Game Trends: Today and Tomorrow
The gaming industry is gradually becoming significant in the global economy. The estimated industry volume for 2018 was about 139.7 billion dollars. These numbers are 10% higher than years earlier.
The Specifics of Developing Cross-Platform Applications
Nowadays setting up of any business to the Internet proceeds according to the following scenario: first, the company launches the site, then it is adapted for mobile devices, and if traffic is increasing, it makes sense to gain a foothold among the owners of mobile gadgets, and the company releases the application.
How to Be Successful on Etsy: Effective Tips
If you are a designer, artist, photographer, writer, knitter, soap-maker or just a person who loves to create in his spare time and make something inspiring with his own hands, then Etsy is for you!
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